Cause Cafe

Some small businesses, like this cafe, are inspired by altruistic motives. In this case, the owner of the Cause Cafe, Stacey Wohl wanted to find a way to give her autistic children a way to make a living and interact with the real world. She has a vision of a chain of cafes that are specifically run to employ disabled people. It was so much fun working on this video.


Mundo Restaurant

The heart of most restaurants is in the kitchen. In this video, Pinar, the head chef at Mundo, talks about how the restaurant was founded on the idea of emulating what it was like to grow up in Turkey eating home-cooked food cooked by her mother. The color & texture of this food photographed beautifully and Pinar was a warm and engaging presenter.


Alice's Arbor Restaurant

For all the great ambience, decor, location, and staff - at the core of a restaurant's success of course is the menu. On a restaurant shoot, we always will ask the chef or manager to prepare their signature dishes and we will spend at least a third of our filming time working in close up and doing our best to make the viewer want to reach right through the screen and feast! Alice's Arbor is a friendly, delightful restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn, with a rustic feeling, but with a very carefully selected locally sourced menu. Best perk of this job? Getting to eat the samples after the shoot!


Cafe Macchiato

When you find a "good" cafe often the most important feature is it's ambience. This lovely little cafe in Newburgh, NY is designed to make customers feel cozy and comfortable. Much more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee and a snack, a cafe like this becomes a spot to socialize, and appreciate art and enjoy being part of a community.