City Video is a brand new video production company run by two urban professional multi-media artists in New York City. We specialize in providing affordable services for small businesses, non-profits and arts organizations. 

We produce our videos from start to completion. That includes writing, shooting, editing and delivery of the final piece. We are multi-skilled and like to keep our productions small and efficient, saving money and time - but our vision is BIG!

If special skills like music composition or visual effects are needed we can tap into our network of NYC artists and professionals, but we will always work with you to keep costs down and get the concept right at the idea stage before committing resources.

We approach a small business marketing video the same way we approach every artistic challenge: by looking for an angle and a story that delights us (and you)and becomes a unique, engaging expression of your business vision that contributes to the rich diversity of this vast and wonderful city. 


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"Our film maker was a great coach. He was a lot more creative with shot choices than I expected. Overall a great experience. "    Coleman R, Empirical Paint
"Nathan was very thorough and fast. I was very impressed and happy with the result. "   Mari M, Brain Gym Learning Center NYC
"Our filmmaker was very dedicate and attentive. He did a great job!"    Alberto B, Fabbrica Restaurant & Bar
"Video is great. The director did a tremendous job. He came up with all the ideas and really managed to capture us. He was easy to work with as well. "    Elbert N, Dornfeld & Nasis, LLP
"Easy to work with and the finished product looks great! "   Kyle D, Dougherty Insurance
"We loved the video and the shoot went seamlessly. "    Vanessa P, GKG CPAs and Business Consultants
"Our filmmaker was very professional and made us feel very comfortable. Excellent experience. "    Ximena R, Salon Valerie