STEP 1.  Tell Us About Your Business! 

What is your story? What kind of business are you? What do you want your new customers to know about you and what you have to offer? We wanna know!

STEP 2.  Choose a Video Production Package...

Check out our production packages below:

STEP 3.  Set a Date and Get Ready for the Shoot! 

No matter what package you've chosen, we will coordinate with you to decide on an optimum day and time to come to your business and shoot your video. Then all you have to do is make your business look the way you want it, and we'll do the rest! Check out our production packages below:


STEP 4.  Lights, Camera... Action! 

The Big Day! We'll be there with all of our gear, double-check with you on what you want us to highlight and start rolling on your awesome new video! 


STEP 5. The Cut! 

Now that your video is "in the can" we put on our editing hats and head back to the cutting room! Our goal is to bring out the best in the footage and sculpt your video into a mini-movie that tells your story just the way you want it. As we go from rough cut, to fine edit to the final polish you'll be able to give feedback and make changes and comments until the final video is pitch perfect!


STEP 6.  Screen It! 

Your business story video is done! It's time to release it to the world - let us know where you plan to show the video (website, television, DVD, etc. ) and we'll provide you with downloadable versions of the film and/or a hard copy on DVD that are optimized for the intended viewing platform.