New England Collision

The last thing any car owner wants to think about is where they will take their vehicle if it gets damaged or they get into an accident. Collision repair pros know that knowing how to mitigate the unpleasantness of their customer's predicament is key to running a successful auto body business. These guys run a tight shop, and watching them work and deal with their clients was a great lesson in customer service and how to turn a negative experience into a positive one.


AK Auto

Located in a quiet side street just off of Queens Boulevard, Ricky's auto repair business attracts a clientele from all over the city. Specializing in foreign cars, he is able to offer a range of options for replacement parts from premium brand names to grey market options. Often the choice of an auto repair shop comes down to one's own sense of the owner's integrity and trustworthiness. With Ricky you feel like you're in good hands and that he will give you a fair deal. Video is a great way to personalize your business, and give the customer a positive feeling about who they will be dealing with when they walk through your doors.


Acura Dealership

Sometimes when making a video for a mid-size business like a major car dealership, you realize that you are competing with production companies that charge premium rates for what is often a fairly straight forward and simple video. We think that we are competitive both in terms of price and production quality. At City Video we save our clients money because we practically eliminate overheads and put all the production costs where they belong: on the screen!