In this video, Coleman and his colleague were painting a tiny 1 bedroom apartment on the UES. There wasn't very much space to work in, so in this kind of situation you need to look for good details to film in close up. Luckily, painting has all sorts of cool textures and visuals so it wasn't hard to get some interesting footage despite the cramped confines. A micro-business like Empirical paint trades on the expertise of the individuals who both run the business and do the work - you want the video to inspire trust and confidence in the customer.



Since people can't smoke in public places much anymore, cigar stores have evolved into social spaces like this one, complete with a smoking lounge area and an unlimited and comprehensive supply of product. This was the first time I had an opportunity to film a cigar store and loved shooting the handmade cigars with all their rich textures and colorful labels and the hardcore afficionados with the smoke billowing around them.





LaRue House B&B

This one was a bit personal! When About.com wanted a series of vids about Bed and Breakfasts, we had the perfect host - Nathan's Mom! She loved being a B & B hostess - and is so proud of her beautiful Victorian house, where she happened to be born (it was once a hospital run by her Grandfather - the town doctor). You can also catch Nathan's Dad manning the phones in the background!

This is a good example of a video that can not only serve as a great promotion for a small business, but can also help boost your search engine ranking by providing actual real useful information to users on the web. Check out more LaRue House B&B series!


Singer / Song Writer

When I first met Sean McCabe - he was a young Irish writer living in Paris aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Joyce and Beckett. At the time he played a little piano, and would busk in the Metro with a steel drum or bongos. Several years later I reconnected with him in New York, and he had since learned to play the guitar and blossomed into a full-fledged singer/songwritier, with a full, rocking band and several albums of original songs under his belt. His songwriting advice here is deceptively simple: he demystifies the process of songwriting pretty effectively.


Gibson Guitar

In this video, Dan at Chelsea Guitars shares his encyclopedic knowledge of all things guitar-related with a concise history of a great American guitar manufacturer. Everything about this little shop next to the Chelsea Hotel is charming and unique - and, in addition to being a great storyteller and host, Dan, like all first-rate small business owners, exudes a love for his trade which rubs off on everyone he comes into contact with


Brain Gym

For an entrepreneur like Mari who helps her clients reach their personal goals and realize their potential, video is a great way to show herself in action. We think this video really exhibits Mari's personality, with all of her sincerity and infectious enthusiasm as she works both with an individual client and with a group.


UWS Cycling

With all it's aerobic benefits, spinning exercise has really taken off in NYC. Videos of people doing physical exercise and sports techniques really help attract new clients to a fitness-focused business. The videos help potential clients visualize their path to personal fitness by showing the enthusiasm of the instructors and the quality of the equipment.